Boogieing Back to NZ

We’re packing our bags and are super excited to be part of the SMALL HALL Concert Series, held in beautiful Heritage Halls in NZ’s Hawkes Bay. These concerts are caringly presented by HB resident Jamie MacPhail, so be prepared for a unique experience of music in an unforgettable environment with delicious food and, of course, famous Hawkes Bay wines.

Have I sold it you? Sounds like heaven to Mike and I!

And for those in the Wellington area we’ll be playing 3 concerts the week after. 

All the details are on this website…

So! I’m back on the horse (road/piano) after months of recording my new album, and  it’ll be strange to be playing live the precious material I’ve been working on. 

I so hope the audience loves it as much as I do…..!

In boogie and blues,