Finding a Piano…..

So here we are having played one week of our South Island Tour. Huge thanks to the kind and hearty people of Motueka, Picton, Nelson and Murchison for being such amazing audiences. All those things that are said of South Islanders (friendly generous stoic etc) really are true.

And I found a piano!

On the one main street of Reefton (population 927) I found a real working piano. Paula who has the Reefton Art Gallery brings it out every day onto the footpath outside.

So of course I played it, and here is proof in the form of a Youtube clip. Check it out, almost all the keys make a sound!

We’re playing tonight here in Reefton, tomorrow the beautiful French-settled town of Akaroa, then Timaru, Dunedin and Kakanui.  Next week we move even further South to Te Anau, Invercargill, Tarras and Gibbston, before shooting back up to the beloved West Coast and Christchurch the week after.