Life of a Musician

Sometimes in my musical career there are several things going on at once, and this month has been a prime example.

Firstly my Film Composing workshop at the University of Newcastle which was meant to be restricted to 20 participants but, as you can see, a few extras were squeezed in. They were a fabulous bunch of people, and we had a great afternoon, there was such a buzz in the room.

This weekend my trio is playing 3 concerts at the Tablelands Folk Festival in Yungaburra near Cairns. I haven’t been to Cairns much and the festival looks fab, so this will be a blast.

Next up on Sat Nov 4th we’re finally returning to Dungog, the grooviest rural town in Australia, playing one show at the heritage Royal Hotel. We will be finishing up our live concerts for 2023 at the beautiful Adamstown Uniting Church in Newcastle on Sat Nov 11th. All details are on my website.

In the meantime I’m digging into my boogie wardrobe wondering what on earth I can wear this weekend in possibly 35 degree heat. Bearing in mind that I like to stay as fully clothed as possible at this age (so I don’t scare the horses, well the audience that is) I’m frantically searching through long forgotten drawers.  Any suggestions? Bearing in mind that Mike refuses to contemplate shorts due to his gammy leg, I’m wondering if matching 30’s neck to knee swimsuits would work? Lightweight Lycra jackets? I need some ideas fast!