MayDay in Sydney!

Hello boogie friends,

We’re very excited to be launching the new CD “Piano Boogie Woman” next Sat night May 1st at the Leichhardt Bowling Club in Sydney’s inner west.

The club has a lovely concert/stage area with a great sound system and an old lady friend in the form of an English Grand piano I will be featuring, along with historical photos and information about the club, which was a vibrant dance hall/big band venue back in the day.

We’ll be coming from down the coast with a huge “thank you” to all the wonderful fans who came out to our shows at Merimbula, Moruya and Tathra. An added bonus is to be hosted in extraordinary country houses in Tathra (thanks Cliff and Sayaka) and Nelligen, where we played a memorable house concert for filmmaker Robynne Murphy’s birthday. (The moment in the cake room with the piano and washboard will be remembered and recounted as an outstanding piece of musical folklore for a long time to come!)

Btw, the Covid restrictions at Leichhardt Bowling Club are minimal, but it’s best to make a booking.

And on that subject, Mike and I are grateful to have had our first Astra Zenica shots with no symptoms so far!

Yours in boogie,