New Album!

I’m terribly excited that my new album, PIANOLAND, has gone to be pressed!
I’m very happy with it and am hugely grateful to everyone who played on it, recorded it, produced artwork, took fab new photos, and generally supported me through the long process. I’ve absolutely loved every moment and am now facing an odd void in my life…..what to do with myself?!

Fortunately there are concerts, most particularly the CD launch, JAN PRESTON’S BOOGIE CIRCUS at CHURCH ST STUDIOS in Newtown on SUN APRIL 28th. If you’ve never been to this venue, you’re in for a treat.

It’s an awesome environment of musical artworks and books, both immaculate and quirky, as well as a magnificent Kawai Grand Piano.

Before then, on SUN APRIL 14th @ 3pm I’ll be playing completely acoustic at the lovely HUMPH HALL, 85 Allambie Rd, Allambie  Click here for more Humph Hall information and booking link.

We’re also playing 3 other duo shows in April, down the coast at TATHRA.
FRI APRIL 19th 7pm Private House Concert  Tathra
SAT APRIL 20th 4.00pm TATHRA Hotel
SUN APRIL 21st 4.00pm TATHRA Hotel 8-12 Bega Street, Tathra

Btw let me know what you think of the PIANOLAND cover. I can tell you it wasn’t easy climbing up into that grand piano!