The King of Tetris!

I am emerging into the light of the concert stage of Melbourne’s Lomond Hotel in Brunswick on Sep 9 and the Leichhardt Bowlo in Sydney on Sep 16. Both are Saturday nights one week apart.

The fabulous Thirroul Hall last weekend was our warm-up show, with huge thanks to the Illawarra Folk Club for presenting us in their series. We couldn’t have asked for a more astute and responsive audience, who have been unwitting guinea pigs to my new material.
The Barrelhouse went down a storm – it’s a hit!

It will definitely join my musical brain on the road, packed into Mike’s car along with everything else that NO-ONE can believe he fits in. The King of Tetris reigns! He’s a wiry unstoppable part-time drummer from the North of NZ’s North Island!

And speaking of the North Island we are sadly having to miss touring there until next March 2024, but have some exciting dates coming up in NSW and Cairns before the end of the year.

So friends, if you can’t keep boogieing, at least keep going!