And so they heal…….

Hello boogie friends,
Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for your emails, apologies for the group reply to let you know that my wrists are healing.
I’ve got the casts off and am in removable splints; see the groovy purple numbers in the photo!
I can do just about everything, i.e. dress myself, wipe my own bum, pour a cuppa, do the dishes (slowly), shower myself which is heaven, but I can’t walk the dog, drive, or unscrew lids off jars.

And of piano playing?
I couldn’t resist buying a piano up here on the Gold Coast which I absolutely love, and am practising finger exercises and singing a lot.
I’m convinced a keyboard is NOT what I should be playing and this old piano has a lovely feel.

To keep myself occupied I’ve been writing more blogs (not compulsory reading) and I thought this one might grab you.

Yours in boogie,