Leaving Pianoland

When 101 Music approached me to compose and perform 12 piano tracks in the boogie, blues, ragtime and barrelhouse style, my creative journey was wide open.

My daily routine consisted of the gym, then breakfast, after which my musical brain went into overdrive as I worked away all day. Much coffee was drunk, and many grooves in the wooden floor of my studio were made as I took breaks, walking up and down thinking, thinking……

I was bursting with various ideas and, over time, focussed the 12 tracks down according to style, tempo and key. I wanted a variety of fast and slow grooves, keys, melodies and, most of all, atmospheres and moods. Some of these pieces are playful, fun, uplifting and even humorous. Others are contemplative edging towards sadness.

For me there were 2 separate processes: firstly composing a great tune, and secondly capturing a magical performance that had momentum, groove and expressiveness.  I hope I’ve achieved both! 

So I now reluctantly leave Pianoland, although I will continue some recording for my new album.

What next? It’s a very strange feeling!

We’ll be returning to the concert platform on Sun August 13th at the Thirroul Heritage Railway Institute, as part of the Illawarra Folk Club concert series.In September we travel to Melbourne (finally!) playing at the Lomond Hotel Brunswick on Sep 9th, Hanging Rock on Sep 10th, then back to Sydney for one night on Sep 16th at the Leichhardt Bowling Club. My glorious trio will be joined by the super glorious George Washingmachine, after which we clamber onto a plane to NZ for a month long tour of the North Island. All details will be on my website soon in “Live Shows”.

Gotta rush, going on a holiday away from my grand piano (sob!) for a few days.