Moving into Pianoland!

I’m coming off the road for the longest time in a while and moving seriously and with great intent into a space I call PIANOLAND.

This is my precious private time when my grand piano and I spend all day (and sometimes all night) together discovering each other again. It’s like a new and intense relationship, but with someone you’ve known all your life.

The end result is to produce 12 solo piano tracks for a prestigious film soundtrack company in Sydney, who are generously commissioning me to compose and record this body of piano music. I’m anticipating the project to take me from the concert stage for at least a few months, and I’m very ready for this next phase of prioritising and exercising my creative musical brain. (The motor, visual and auditory cortices all at once evidently!)

This is where I shall be through the winter months until, in spring, I will put on my boogie boots and bling again, a piano-playing chrysalis emerging into the stagelights.

I’ve never been chosen for such a large project before, and I’m rather in trepidation that I’ll be up to the job. 

Wish me luck friends!