Thank You NZ, now for Queensland and Melbourne

Hello Boogie Friends,

We have emerged from our NZ tour tired, ecstatic and slightly crazy as you can see in the selfie of the band on our last night. About 1000 people overall turned up to our concerts throughout the North and South Islands, and my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful audiences who have supported us, some for many years.

Mike and I go back to Sydney, and from there to Queensland and onto Melbourne, a special event being one performance of Wonderful Winnie Atwell at the Frankston Arts Centre on Sunday afternoon April 28th. This is my show about West Indian born honky tonk piano great, Winifred Atwell, who emigrated to Australia in 1966. The Australian National Library projected images from the 1950’s 60’s and early 70’s are totally fascinating, together with Winnie’s amazing life story and, of course, her vibrant boogie and ragtime piano music. The Frankston Arts Centre’s Cube 37 is an intimate 200 seat theatre, has a grand piano and great acoustics as well.

But before that we are excited to be returning over Easter to the funky PopUp Bar at the Palace heritage Hotel in Queensland’s Warwick. This room is an experience you can’t have anywhere else, believe me! Lyndall and her brilliant team decorate in mid century style what is a charmingly untouched environment, only open to the public on rare occasions. 

Lastly, for the people who came to 88 Pianos I Have Known in NZ, were you not blown away by the sudden appearance of talented double bassist Nigel Masters at the piano? Playing 4 handed boogie woogie with Nigel had audiences screaming, the same reaction at every concert – it was extraordinary!

Yours in Autumnal boogie and blues,