Victoria Calling….

We are so looking forward to travelling down to Victoria at last, renewing my contact with the MBAS (Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society) and the wonderful Phil Manning.

Phil is not only one of my absolute favourite players and songwriters, but also a good mate. There’s a little known fact (as he keeps reminding me) that he studied classical piano in his youth in Tasmania, but of course he is better known as the founder member of Australia’s iconic blues band “Chain.” 

The MBAS has invited Phil and me to headline a day long festival on Sunday May 1st and Phil and I are intending to play more concerts together this year, so watch this space.

Over that weekend we’re also playing 2 other shows and these are unique venues we haven’t visited before. The first is on an island believe it or not, and the 2nd in the concert room of a gallery specialising in archival Indian architecture. 


We will stoke up the fires of boogie and blues down South once more : hope to see you there!

All the best,